A Daily Cleaning Checklist {Free Printable}

I am absolutely the worst at keeping up on daily cleaning. Seriously...the worst. I get the basics done, but slack on other things.  I KNOW my bathroom is less than ideal, but finding time to go and clean it?  Not so much. (For real...there are 4 boys in this house and not a one of them has perfect aim.) Laundry?  It gets washed...sure.  And if I remember, it makes it into the dryer.  But I rarely complete the whole cycle of folding and putting it all away! I Continue Reading [...]

3 Apps to Help You Save Money at the Store!

I hate coupons.   Clipping tiny pieces of paper, attempting to organize them in some fashion, remembering I have them...it just never works for me.  Add the fact that I rarely purchase processed foods or cleaning chemicals, and we just don't benefit from coupons too often. But my smart phone?   I don't leave home without it!   I am going to show you 3 easy, painless ways to save a few bucks at the grocery store, without couponing!  All you need is your Smart Continue Reading [...]

Dollar Tree Preschool Activity – Counting Blocks {Free Printable}

  Do you have a Dollar Tree near you?   We have a few near by, and I absolutely love going in there and looking at all of the supplies they have available!  The best thing about Dollar Tree is that everything real is just $1, so you can find some supplies for a really great price! On a recent trip, I ran across these foam counting blocks, and decided to pick them up.  As a former teacher, I know resources similar to this can be very expensive, so I was confident Continue Reading [...]

Back to School 2015

It is official... The new school year has begun, ringing in "Back to School" 2015!   If you've checked out my About page, you know I am a mom of 4 children, 3 of whom are school aged. This Back to School season, This Mother sent her oldest off to his Junior year of high school, her daughter off to her first day of 8th grade, and her almost-6-year-old off to his very first day of Kindergarten.  I never truly enjoy the back to school chaos, but this year, by far, Continue Reading [...]

Sunday Funny

Halfway through a 2-hour car trip, Jeffrey (age 6) says, “I am so bored!”

I replied, “Sometimes life is boring.  What are you going to do?”

Without pausing, Jeffrey quipped back, “DRINK!”

*note – he had a cup of milk.  Nonetheless, we were in tears laughing at his response!



Meal Planning with Post-It Notes!

  I am about to say two dirty words...are you ready? Meal. Plan. Seriously, in my house, those have been two of my absolute least favorite words for a long, long time. There are a few good reasons to plan out your meals... 1. You can usually save money on your grocery bill because you are shopping with a plan. 2. You can absolutely save time in the kitchen because you know what you are going to do! 3. No doubt it will help you avoid last minute, unplanned meals out! 4. Your Continue Reading [...]

Preschool Fun with Alphabet Hats!

It was Thursday morning, early really, and the house was already anything but peaceful. I know you've been there.  Please tell me you've been there? This wasn't any ordinary Thursday morning, either.  We had a wonderful visitor who had spent the night with us, but the excitement of him being here just added a bit extra to the decibel level, and This Mother had to find something relatively quiet and productive (preferably) for them to do while waiting for breakfast to cook in Continue Reading [...]

An Open Letter to ALL the Unborn Children Who Will Never Be

In light of the current Planned Parenthood controversies, this has been weighing heavily on my heart.  I feel a strong calling to post this letter to all of those who will never be.  Please, feel free to share this with your friends and family if you feel called to do so.  The youngest among us, the unborn, have no voice.  Let us be the voice for them! Dearest Unborn Children, I am sorry. I am sorry we will never get to know the person you were meant to be. We will Continue Reading [...]